Your Wedding Guests Will Love You!

  1. The unique venues in Charlottesville typically do not equate to close proximity to downtown or convenient parking.  By having transportation for your guests, their first and last experience of your big day is being greeted by our transportation coordinators and boarding a luxury vehicle.  Guests can enjoy the journey to your wedding and not worry about winding roads, directions or dark nights coming home.
  2. Our transportation coordinators go into the hotel lobbies and greet your guest with bride and groom last names on a sign.  With Charlottesville being such an incredibly popular wedding destination, there are often multiple wedding room blocks at a single hotel and multiple wedding transportation at the same time as yours!  We are sure to find YOUR guests and only YOUR guests!  Signs also greet your guests as they board the luxury coach so they are sure they are at the right place.
  3. Family & Bridal party have their own needs on the big day.  Albemarle Limousine offers sedans, 14 passengers, 24 passengers and 32 passengers, not just the big buses and motorcoaches.  We tailor your itinerary for vehicles to make multiple runs to first pick up the bride and bridesmaids, then the groom and groomsmen.  Another run needed for family to come early for photos?  No problem!
  4. Not every guest wants to dance until the end, so we always like to have the bus at the ready for an early transport back to the hotels.  Our Wedding specialist works with you on your timing of the day to be sure that the vehicle is schedule for the non night owls to get home earlier in the evening and then back for the final run.
  5. At the end of night the buses will take your guests to their preferred hotels.  We are also happy to run one bus to the corner or downtown mall for those who are not ready to give up the party.  You can have alcohol on our buses, which is not the case with most transportation companies in the area.