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Towing Procedure / Accident


For vehicles of any size that go “out of service” due to a collision, engine failure,  leaving road, etc., follow the instructions below.

  1. Call the emergency / Chauffeur line at 434.282.3229.

  2. If unable to reach office staff, and your accident is in Charlottesville, call Charlottesville Wrecker 24/7 at 434.295.1107. No Credit Card needed (Albemarle Limousine has an account).

  3. If your accident is not near Charlottesville please contact the nearest Wrecker Service to your location. We can reimburse you for any expense if they are not willing to invoice the company. Send copy of receipt for reimbursement requests to

  4. Mechanical Issues: sedans, SUV’s, and 14 Passenger Vehicles should be towed to Larry’s Auto at 1313 Belleview Ave., Charlottesville.

Larry’s Auto: 434.979.3223.

  1. Mechanical Issues: CDL/22+ Passenger Vehicles should be towed to Colonial Auto Center. 100 Myders Dr., Charlottesville. Colonial: 434.951.1000.

  2. Body Damage: All vehicles with body damage (and no apparent mechanical issues) should be towed to our Avon location. 1895 Avon St. Extended., Charlottesville.

  3. Make sure incident is thoroughly recorded. I.E. send text, email, and DRS to office with: How, What, Where, and When.

Accident Procedure

  1. If there are injuries, call 911. Provide aid if injuries appear life threatening, but do not move any passengers until EMTs arrive.

  2. If there are no injuries and the vehicle is operable, drive to a safe location and away from traffic. Coordinate with other parties involved. You will need their information (see step 4).

  3. Contact Dispatch at 434.282.3229. Provide the important details: location. Are there injuries? Has 911 been called.

  4. Take as many pictures or videos as possible following the accident. Licence plates of other vehicles, damage to property, insurance cards, etc.

  5. Request from responding police officer his or her name, badge number, business card, and copy of official report if available.

  6. Keep Dispatch updated! They will be working to arrange a tow and/or alternate transportation for you and other passengers, etc.

Eric Bryant