• Login to your account (email and password that you created when activating account)
  • Click "TimeClock" on the top red menu bar
    • If you are simply clocking in for your shift, you can click "Clock In"
    • If you are logging in to add time that you've worked:
      • Click "Add Clock Time" on the left side
      • Use the drop down menu to enter the times of when you clocked in and out
      • Choose the date (make sure to choose the appropriate date of your job for when you clocked in and when you clocked out ie: if you clocked out at 1 am after a Saturday job, it's the Sunday date)
      • Use the drop down menu under "Schedule" to choose the vehicle you were driving
      • Add any notes - We would like for the reservation number to be entered here with any other information you may feel necessary to add (tips, parking fees, extra time notes, etc)
      • Click "Add Clock Time”

Video Tutorial | Desktop ShiftPlanning | Add Clock In Clock Out Time