Section D.6 – Collecting Payment for Extra Time.

If a chartered run goes more than 7 minutes past the scheduled drop time, the client will be billed for extra time.  Please contact dispatch for final pricing on extra time. Do not quote the client any price other than what is communicated to you by dispatch or written on the trip sheet.

The client is responsible for the bill and as such only the client can approve additional time or an alteration to the reservation.   For example, additional time may be requested by a member of the wedding party or a member of the family who is not the client.  This must be approved by the client or a new reservation needs to be made.  For Farm-in work, the  affiliate transportation company is the client and must approve any changes to itinerary.  Contact Dispatch for assistance.

Any chauffeur who takes or accepts money not due to him/her will have their employment terminated.  This includes listing as a gratuity amounts paid for an extra stop or payment on extra time and therefore due to Albemarle Limousine & Travel Service, LLC.