Section D.4 - Quiet Car Policy & Client Confidentiality

Chauffeurs must allow for a quiet ride.  It is the expectation of our clients that they will be able to use their ride for work or their own personal business.  At the beginning of the run, address your client with a friendly greeting.  Ask if they would like music, if the temperature is comfortable for them, and inform them of the bottled water that is available.  Once these items have been addressed, please refrain from speaking to clients unless they speak to you directly.

For wine tours, chauffeurs assigned as Wine Trail Guides operate on a different policy - you are expected to engage the client with background information about the wineries they will visit.

Business travelers may choose to use their time in the vehicle to make business phone calls or engage each other in sensitive conversations.  ALL CLIENT CONVERSATIONS ARE CONFIDENTIAL - it is not the business of the chauffeur to listen or interject in the conversation, and no information overheard from clients may ever be shared with anyone, period.

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