Section F.2: Return Procedures

Return your vehicle to the location at which you picked it up, unless directed otherwise by AL management.

When returning to the parking lot at 175 S. Pantops Drive, always park vehicles in fenced-in lot.

Log payment information on the Dispatch Return Checklist.  Place payment in an envelope and drop in the safe.  Place key on the appropriately-labeled hook on the pegboard in the back office.

Remove all food and beverage supplies from the vehicle.  Empty waters and ice packs from the coolers and place in the appropriate refrigerator/ freezer.  Place used wicker baskets and empty coolers in the supply room.

Report any lost or found items to Dispatch.  Note on dispatch return checklist and also notify manager in person if during normal business hours.

Remove all trash and miscellaneous items from the interior of the vehicle.  Wipe down seats with a damp rag, shake off floor mats, wipe up dirt and dust as necessary.

Report any difficult stains, etc. as well as any damage to the vehicle in the “Post-trip Vehicle Inspection” section of the Dispatch Return Checklist.

Complete all other sections of Dispatch Return Checklist.  The “Comments” section is important – we want to hear your thoughts about how the trip went and/or how it could have gone better.  If you notice that a particular problem is going unresolved, please bring it to the attention of a manager in person or in writing.  Place Dispatch Return Checklist in the appropriate box in the back office.

Lost and Found: All items left in vehicles by clients are to be returned to dispatch at once.  Chauffeur is to immediately inform dispatch or management about item(s) left by clients then promptly hand item over to management. Management will then notify client as to the item(s) that were recovered and make proper arrangements for the return of such.

Section F.3:  Post-trip Vehicle Inspections for CMVs:

Chauffeurs are required to complete a post-trip Vehicle Inspection portion of Dispatch Return Sheet per DOT regulations.

Please turn in completed Dispatch Return for all trips completed.  They should be attached with your trip sheet and Checklist upon return to the office.

For any item marked “X,” provide a description of the issue in the notes section, and notify a manager via email (and if possible, via text or phone call or in person) immediately, so that appropriate corrective action can be taken before vehicle is dispatched again.