Wedding Guest Transportation

The shuttle and coach packages below are for an eight (8) hour time span so coaches will be available to you to provide early shuttle runs at the end of the night if you have guests who would like to leave early. We have found that most of our weddings have a percentage of guests that like to leave early and we are glad to offer a shuttle run or two at no additional charge. We often have two different designated departure times scheduled that guests are informed of so they can leave when they are ready. (Service hours begin and end in Charlottesville)  For Weddings with pick ups and drop offs originating outside of Charlottesville hourly rates per wedding group size are added.

NOTE - For non-standard locations, ie. private residences which are not wedding venues, wineries, and hotels built for coaches a site visit may be required to confirm the vehicle size that you would like to reserve is safely able to provide transportation for your location(s). Site visits are priced according to location from Charlottesville. 


  • In-House Wedding Transportation Coordinator
  • Day of Wedding Dispatch Officer
  • Up to Eight (8) Hours of Service
  • Multi-Vehicle Discount
  • With Seating Capacities Up To:

220 Guests = $6,197

235 GUESTS = $7,297

251 GUESTS = $7,497

282 GUESTS = $7,797

306 GUESTS = $8,097

330 GUESTS = $8,397

361 GUESTS = $9,397

385 GUESTS = $11,197

423 GUESTS = $12,147