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Important Avon Information - Parking Notice And More

Important - Avon Parking Update and More

Allied Porta Potties will be renting backlot space from us at our Avon location.

They will not place any of their property in our/your way, and will not be cleaning items on our property.

This arrangement is temporary but should last thru the end of October this year.

The porta potties will be moving on Saturday.

Starting next week they will also start leasing parking space from us.

We expect to begin a program of having AL employees park personal vehicles in place of your Albemarle Limousine vehicle. So once you have your AL vehicle pulled out, pull your personal vehicle in its place. Then when you return pull your personal vehicle out and park your AL vehicle. This will alleviate congestion that could be caused.

The driving and parking path for AL vehicles is not expected to be modified based on this temporary lease, so please give us feedback if you experience issues.

For detailers: please find a space to park that allows you to easily maneuver. If you need to move a vehicle to find a spot that is fine, but we do not expect that you will have a hard time finding a parking location.

Thank you and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.