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Payroll Reminders

4/12/19 —— DEADLINE

IMPORTANT DEADLINE: iSolved Go will need to be set up and working for you by 4/12/19 or before your next job after that date so that you can clock yourself in and out. After 4/12/19 Frances will NOT manually clock any one in or out. Please make sure that if you have a job and you are not using the new payroll system that you set up a time to come in (if you need assistance) so that we can have you using the app to get paid.

PASSWORD NOTE: If you do not remember your password please do not incorrectly enter your password more than 3 times. It will lock you out and we will need to recreate your account from a computer, like when you first enrolled.

Thank you all for working with us as we all move toward a more streamlined payroll system.

NOTE: Dispatch will NOT be able to assist with logging into iSovled Go this weekend.

When we cancelled Ximble their system may have sent an email to you to set up an account. This was a system error on their part.

If you do NOT have iSolved Go set up for your work hours please email your start time (clock in time) and end time (clock out time) along with Reservation Confirmation # to Frances at

A reminder that Ximble is CANCELLED at this point. Any hours entered into Ximble after Wednesday 4/3/19 are not in our system. All hours after 4/3/19 need to be entered into iSolved Go or emailed to Frances, until you are up and running.

We look forward to having everyone fully transitioned.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns and direct your email to

Thank you!

The Albemarle Limousine Team