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Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards Policy

Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards Policies


Beginning this week, we will no longer be able to accept parties arriving with transportation companies that have not filled out our Group Transportation Inquiry Form.  Any parties that arrive without going through our inquiry process will be turned away at our gate.  There has been some leniency in the past few months; however, we are now fully enforcing this policy to ensure we can comfortably operate on the weekends.


On Saturdays and Sundays we are able to accommodate up to five transportation group tours per day of 10 or less guests.  Please note our dress code policy.  Your company coordinator will need to fill out the Group Transportation Inquiry Form, and you may also direct your client to do this.  Once we've received the form I will respond within two business days to confirm with the company and the client. If there are any questions you or the client are always welcome to call our Tasting Room line at 434-202-8063.


While we love hosting special celebrations, but we do not permit celebratory bachelorette, birthday or anniversary décor. Please have your drivers responsible for communicating that themed dresses, matching T-shirts and paraphernalia including sashes, tiaras, inflatables, etc are not permitted.  

Party groups have proven to often be a negative impact on our overall guest experience.

We ask that any of these items be left behind in their vehicle while guests are on the property.  As a reference to our movement to enforce a dress code, here is an article discussing bachelorette parties and winery tours.

Please reach out with any questions as we, and you don’t want any of your tours turned away.


We are able to have more flexibility with party sizes Tuesday through Friday as well as Sundays (with the exception of Holiday weekends).  If clients are inquiring about our policies or have questions about group sizes, please direct them to or our Tasting Room line at 434-202-8063.  If your company is asked about our policies, please ask clients to contact our Tasting Room. We are more than happy to answer questions directly to ensure there's no miscommunication.

Weekend Visits

Due to Saturday demand for the Tasting Room, we cannot accommodate parties of over ten guests for tastings or seating.

- We are not able to reserve bars or tables for guests.

- Parties of eight to ten may have to split up for tastings.

- Contact us via email at or call (434) 202-8063 to inform us of any groups of ten or under that you will be bringing to our Tasting Room.


On most Saturdays we end up having to call capacity and temporarily close entry to the Tasting Room.  This is either because there is no space for more guests or the parking lot is full.  Please call us ahead of time if you're planning to visit and should we be at capacity, we will let the group in.  Any parties of 11 or more guests will be turned away at the gate.

Additional Info about Wine + Food Pairings on Saturdays

We strongly suggest that larger groups of 8 to 10 arrive before 12 pm and leave no later than 1 pm.  In general we see our rush around 1 pm and this can make it difficult to serve larger parties.

If your group would like to order food in addition to tastings, we cannot guarantee that a table will be available upon arrival.  We highly recommend that parties interested in getting food arrive at 11 am; after this time we generally see a wait of 1.5 hours to get seated.

Closing Times

On Saturdays we generally close at 4:30 pm for a wedding.  As there are often Private Events and weddings that don't occur on Saturdays, we encourage you or your client to contact us for closing times on a specific date.

Our kitchen closes at 3:45 pm on Saturdays.  We have a full menu available until 3 pm and serve small plates until the kitchen closes.  Guests that arrive after 2 pm may not be seated in time to order from our menu as we usually have a long wait in the afternoons.

Weekday Visits

We encourage groups to visit during the week if possible as we see the most volume on Saturdays.  Please let us know if you have a group coming during the week so we can staff appropriately.

Holiday Weekends

Please keep in mind that our Tasting Room is especially busy on Holiday Weekends, on both Saturday and Sunday. 

Vehicle Parking + Drop Off

Due to Bundoran Farm policy, we now have a designated drop off area for transportation companies.  This is an effort to keep large vehicles hidden from our neighbors' view.

Attached is a map showing where to stop and drop off/pick up guests.  There are signs and a walkway in place to make this route easier for guests.  When you drive in you may check in with one of our parking attendants who can guide you to the new drop off location.

Again, thank you for consideration and your business! Please don't hesitate to reach out to me personally with any questions or concerns. We look forward to welcoming you and your guests at Pippin Hill!